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Friday, November 2, 2018

John Cena hailed by WWE fans as a 'HERO' after latest WWE Crown Jewel decision

JOHN CENA has been hailed as a hero for withdrawing from WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cena has refused to take part in WWE Crown Jewel following the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Cena wrestled in Saudi Arabia during the investigation but it's thought it would be looked at “negatively in Hollywood” if he did so now following revelations of how Khashoggi died.

Khashoggi was living in the US and had been critical of the Saudi Arabian government. He went missing on October 2 after he went into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and never returned.

It was reported that he was killed, which Saudi Arabia denied. They proceeded to repeatedly change their story until finally admitting Khashoggi was dead.

Fans have rushed to hail Cena on Twitter with his @JohnCena tagged in hundreds of tweets from fans backing the decision.

"Not renewing my @WWENetwork subscription to watch today's event in Saudi Arabia. I don't blame the people struggling to make their careers in the business, but the top stars of the roster should all back out as @JohnCena has done," wrote one while a fellow replied: "John you are a hero.@


A fellow fan said: "I’m so proud of you for not going To Saudi Arabia. You kept to your morals."

While another added: "I'm not watching or tweeting about #CrownJewel It's a big mistake for @WWE to be associated with Saudi Arabia WWE is being used to promote S.A. as a progressive country, nothing could be further from the truth Huge credit to @JohnCena and @WWEDanielBryan for not participating."

"@JohnCena thank you John Cena for not going to Saudi Arabia , you are a good man, and an American Patriot. God bless you," tweeted another.

As well as Cena withdrawing, Daniel Bryan has too quit the event.

WWE expert Kefin Mahon, the host of the How2Wrestling podcast, says the result of such a withdrawal normally results in wrestlers getting 'fired'.

He told the BBC: "It's definitely not common... wrestlers no-showing is usually when they get fired.

"Wrestlers very much have to be very wary of what they say when it comes to big stances against WWE."

WWE have taken swift action to cover for Cena and Bryan's no-show.

Both have been written out of their storylines in the past few days with Bobby Lashley coming in for Cena and Samoa Joe replacing Bryan.

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