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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mosquitoes Will Always Be Attracted To You IF You Belong To Any Of These Categories

Mosquitoes are a serious threat to humanity, this is due to the fact they are carriers of malaria. These insects don’t just bite anybody, you must have certain traits before mosquitoes go after you. 

Have you ever seen a situation where two people are in a room, but only one person is complaining
of mosquitoes bite? This is because he is one of the people that can easily attract mosquitoes.

5 Types Of People That Easily Attract Mosquitoes

#1. People That Like Wearing Bright Color Clothes

People who wear bright color clothes are targets of mosquitoes. Generally, mosquitoes are very visual and are easily attracted by bright colors.

Mosquitoes Will Always Be Attracted To You IF You Belong To Any Of These Categories

As a rule, don’t wear colors like red or white when you are in a mosquito-infested environment. It is better you wear more of camouflage outfit that will not make you too visible. 

#2. People With Type O Blood Group

According to researchers at the Institute of Pest Control Technology, Chiba, Japan, mosquitoes prefer people with Blood Type O to Blood type A.

As a matter of fact, Mosquitoes seldom bite people with Blood group A and show little interest with Blood B people. However, they are always looking for people with Blood group O to suck their blood. 

#3. Fat People

Fat people are also among the categories of people that easily attract mosquitoes. This is due to the fact that they breathe out more carbon dioxide 

It may interest you to know that mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide 160 feet away. So, if you are fat and breathe out more carbon dioxide, you are likely to be under their radar. 

#4. People That Emit A Lot Of Heat

People that generate a lot of heat are also attracted to mosquitoes. This is because mosquitoes generally sense sweat easily from a distance. 

So, the more heat you emit, the more you sweat and the more likely mosquitoes will sense and go after you. 

#5. People That Drink Beer A lot

Just the way human beings love drinking beer, mosquitoes love beer even more. Therefore, if you are an avid beer drinker, you are likely to make more mosquito friends. 

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