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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Google to Retire Inbox by Gmail on April 2 (See What Happens Next)

April 2 is going to be a terrible day for many Google users, as the search giant is planning to retire not only Google+, but also Inbox by Gmail, as discovered recently.

The company has started sending out notifications to Inbox users to notify them that the service would be shut down in 15 days. This means April 2 is the day when Inbox by Gmail will be retired as well, and Google is now trying to direct users to the official Gmail app.

“This app will be going away in 15 days. You can find your favorite Inbox features in the Gmail app. Your messages are already waiting for you,” 
the notification reads as per this reddit thread.

Google to Retire Inbox by Gmail on April 2 (See Hwta Happens Next)

While the transition would be painful for some users, Google has actually tried to migrate many Inbox features to Gmail in the last months. For example, smart replies and email snoozing are both available in Gmail, and there’s a good chance that work in this regard would continue in the long term.

The Gmail migration

Needless to say, the fact that Gmail still lacks some Inbox features could push many to other applications, so it remains to be seen how the transition would go once Google retires Inbox.

In the meantime, it’s important to keep in mind that April 2 will also mark the day when Google+ gets the ax once and for all, so you should download your data as soon as possible. Google+ will continue to exist for enterprises, and Google says all updates would be specifically developed for them.

As for Gmail, the most recent update is dated March 17, and although it only comes with under-the-hood changes, it’s living proof that Google is committed to refining the performance on a regular basis.

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